If you are looking for a Reusable Shopping bag, Cotton Crollz bag is the perfect choice. The Cotton Crollz bags have been popular among the buyers for the last few years. 

Our Eco-friendly Crollz Bag is made of 100% Natural Cotton and printed with various patterns. The bag's fabric is sturdy and you can carry heavy loads for a long period of time. Its large gusset makes it ideal for grocery shopping. This Biodegradable bag can be rolled easily, so that, you can comfortably carry it in a purse or in a car's dashboard. The long handles of the bag help to carry it on the shoulder and the bag will not slip off or sling too tight.

You can definitely use our Crollz bags for regular shopping purposes as an alternative to the plastic bags.

Model no. IG-Crollz -040
Size: 18.50"W x 15.50"H x 5"T 
For Details: Chevron Canvas Crollz Bag (

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