Happy New Year

Finally, an eventful year has ended. 

The past year, did help us all in many different ways. We came close to our families, and our people. We started valuing life a lot more than what we used to do. We eveloved new ways of working and meeting customers. In this New Year, India Glazes wishes everyone a blessed year with good health and happiness.

The business situation in 2019 was expected to be uncertain. With pandemic fears looming around, continued EU concerns over Brexit and the increasingly protective trade policies of US, luckily which never went against India, it was indeed challenging. But even in all adverse situations, our company made great progress in the past year while acquiring new customers and meeting every deadlines even during the pandemic. We would want to thank all our customers for your continued belief in our firm. This would not have been possible without the support of our internal staff, our workers and our suppliers. India Glazes would like to thank everyone who were part of the success story. 

India Glazes wishes everyone a happy and prosperous new year. 

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