Recycled Fabric Totes are now in fashion. These Recycled fabrics are regenerated Cotton fibres made from repurpose production scrapes or second-hand clothes. The pieces of  fabric are sorted by colour, shredded into yarn, and then into raw fibre. These fibres are then spun back into yarns. Recycled fabric consume less water, dyeing, and energy. 

This eco-friendly tote is made from Juco and Recycled Cotton. The tote is perfect for corporate events, branded with your logo or you can take the bag for shopping or office. This sustainable tote has front pocket made from Recycled Cotton where you can keep the cards, pen, notepad, This reusable tote is spacious enough. The handles are durable made of recycled fabric. You can carry heavy loads without any fear of tearing off.   

You will definitely miss something exclusive if you do not have this in your collection. 

Check the collection: https://www.indiaglazes.com/cotton-bags/recycled-fabric-bag.php

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