Sustainable Log Carrier Bag

Moving logs or other heavy items like small tools, books etc. is always a task of hassle. Now you do not need to worry about carrying heavy items with this Log Carrier Bag. The Firewood Log Carrier Bag is durable, sturdy and designed to last for years to come.

The Sustainable Log Carrier Bag is made from Natural Laminated Jute. The handles are padded, so you can comfortably carry it in hand. Having the handle strap wrap all around the bag makes it super strong. They will not snap as they are made with reinforced stitching. This Biodegradable Carrier bag is of rough texture, and has water repellent lining. The bag's wide Gusset gives the bag enough space and makes it extra strong. The bag is big enough to load as many items as you want. It can be folded flat, so you can easily put it in a drawer. 

Model No. IG1B128
Size in Inches: 23.50 W x 15.75 H x 12 G 
Size in Cms: 59.75 W x 40 H x 30.50 G
For Details: 
Jute Oversize Shopping Bag (

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