The Cotton Bags are trendy and stylish. We can take these bags for shopping, beach day, college, office work, and more. 
The material of the bag has a hard-wearing texture and is recommended for people with sensitive skin. The natural white colour of the cotton bag  gives the bag a fashinable look. This bag has both long and short handles. The short handles make it easier to carry the bag in hand. The long handles of the bag are long enough to be propped over a shoulder and fit snuggly and they will not slip off or sling too tight. The Gusset of the bag gives it extra room to carry things and gives the bag extra strength. The specialty of the bag is that it has a Zipper attached outer pocket where we can keep our mobile, pen or keys etc. The side pocket of the bag is also very useful to keep small things. 
The bag is durable, long-lasting, and reusable. 

Model: IG7B254
Bag Size: 13.50" W x 15.50" H x 3.50" G

Fabric: 10 Oz Natural Cotton
Natural Canvas Zipper Bag (

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