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Bhagirath Kankani


Born in a small village in Rajasthan, his entrepreneurial spirit moved him to various cities in eastern region of the country before he settled at Kolkata, the hub of Jute industry. At the age of seventy-four years, he carries with him, immeasurable years of experience. He is involved in creating the mission and vision for the company, and defines the core values.

Raj Chandak


A Company Secretary with over thirty years of experience. He is heading the manufacturing division. He has been active in making sure that the best practices are followed at the work place. The production teams are always happy to work under his guidance to meet critical deadlines.

Neel Kamal Kankani


An engineer with over twenty-five years expertise is heading the procurement division and looks after the marketing majorly for the European sector. He has a wonderful rapport with the various Jute mills and Cotton Mills, which helps the company procure the best qualtiy raw materials on-time. Come to Hong Kong and you get to meet him. He has not missed a single show in the past 20 years.

Manish Kankani


A MS from University of Southern California and recently pursuing a hybrid MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He brings in his experience of working at Broadcom Corporation and Qualcomm Incorporation in USA. He joined the company back in 2009, with a vision to market the eco-friendly and sustainable products to USA. He is involved in new product designs and brand management.