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PRODUCTION: With over 150 stitching machines, our company is capable of manufacturing over 100 thousand Jute / Cotton bags per month. The machines are capable of interlock / overlock, cross stitch, button hole and button stitch. The bags are made to order as per custom specifications as requested by the buyer. We have edge to edge printing capability. We only use azo-free and reach-friendly colors. We offer different printing options like- 

  • Silk Screen print up to 12 Colors 
  • CMYK Screen printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Heat Transfer
  • Embroidery
  • Glitter Print
  • Flock Print
  • Foil Print

QUALITY CONTROL: We have a dedicated team for quality control. Every piece is individually checked for loose threads, stitching defects, printing defects, inner and outer label postioning. Once the product is cofnirmed to be perfect, it proceeds to the packing team. We are committed to ensure customer satisfaction through our product quality which is achieved by through quality checking team and improvement of our systems, processes, products and resources. Taking the learnings from Toyota production, we have empowered the workers on the floor, where they can raise an alarm if there is a defect found. A regular feedback mechanism is in place to continuously improve the processes.  

PACKING: All the products are packed as per customers requirement. We bulk pack goods in export quality cartons. Silica gels are added to each product and also to every carton. Jute and Cotton bags are individually packed, when requested by clients. Customers have an option to get custom hang tags, barcodes, inner labels, outer woven labels, debossed leather branding, individual polybags with warning print as per the country norms. We also provide ready to retail display packing for retail chains. 

ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: India Glazes stands committed to prevent environmental degradation and strive for continual improvement for safeguarding the environment, health and safety of its employees and stakeholders.  India Glazes promotes safe and civilized work culture. It meets all its legal compliances and helps its employees manage a healthy work-life balance. The entire manufacturing unit is monitored under camera surveillance and strictly follows fire hazard safety protocols. Fire drills are compulsorily done at regular intervals. 

Safe and healthy work environment is provided. Child labour and forced labour is strictly prohibited. Respect the right to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively is promoted at India Glazes. No corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse is tolerated at the firm. The firm does not discriminate between race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Wages paid for a standard work week meets the legal and industry standards. No disciplinary deductions are done.